Monday, February 8, 2010

Establishing the Legality of a Veto

If you have an existing veto placed before 1990 consider this;

To our knowledge,an estimate 10 in 100 are unlawfully tended vetoes.

If an adopted person does not know he/she is adopted and there is a veto, it could have been placed with the adoptee's name on it but without their consent.

There was no need to provide proof of identity to show it was actually the adoptee who placed the veto, therefore
the secret of his/her adoption would stay hidden forever.

This means, the adoptee may never know of the veto.

Their real birth identity, birth parents, family and heritage would be lost to them.

Is this fair?

Before signing the new No Contact Form, contact the Department of Child Safety to have them establish the legality of the veto and to ensure it was a lawfully tended document by the person in question.


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