Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Apology from Anglican Church of Australia

The apology reads:
Dear Mrs Hamilton
Thank you for your letter of 12th September 2009 regarding your experiences in St. Mary's Home in Toowong.
I apologise for the delay in replying to your letter.

I was most concerned when I read of your distressing experiences in St. Mary's in 1966 and the sad separation from your baby as he was taken for adoption. As you have so poignantly written, the effects of that separation are still with you and your son even after so many years. These effects may perhaps be only slightly lessened by your knowledge that he is alive and safe.
It is concerning now to be made aware of actions taken in the past which- while often taken with the best of current knowledge at the time- have now caused so much distress and hurt to those persons directly involved.
I sincerely apologise to you for the hurt and distress caused to you by past actions of the Church and those persons employed by the Church at St. Mary's. On behalf of the church, I would like to offer you pastoral support and counselling. If you consider this may be helpful, please contact Mr Rod McLary- Director of Professional Standards- on 3835 2266. Mr McLary will then make the necessary arrangements with you.
I trust that you may be able to commence your journey towards healing as you address the effects of the adoption of your son.
Yours faithfully,

The Most Revd Dr Phillip Aspinall
Archbishop of Brisbane

Margaret Hamilton


Therese said...

Congratulations Margaret,
You have broken the silence of the secrets,
And to Rev,Dr Phillip Aspinall thankyou for know being the compassinate Priest that hopefully will allow others to have the same compassion, May you show all Churches Leaders the true Path.

Anonymous said...
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